Anchorage, Alaska, USA




Total number of streetlights

16,500 streetlights



Phase 1 LED streetlight deployment completed. All city-owned residential streetlights and low speed collector roadway streetlights replaced:2,221 150W high pressure sodium lamps and 1,775 250W high pressure sodium lamps. Total capital outlay for Phase 1: $2,199,471.


 Phase 2 planning underway

Parking lot, parking garage, decorative and trail lighting.


 Phase 3

Utility maintained lights, collector lights, and high speed

arterial roadway streetlights.


Funding source

Phase 1 funded by municipality, which loaned money to itself


Lighting supplier

Phase 1: BetaLED



Flat rates charged by utilities must be examined and revised


Surveys and testing

General survey of 50 local residents and in-car visibility testing conducted with 120 local residents



Municipality of Anchorage Street Lights


Related resources

Energy Efficient Street Lighting presentation given at

Alaska Energy Authority Rural Energy Conference, 9/16/08.