Blair, Nebraska, USA





Replace approximately 400 existing 100 watt to 250 watt HPS streetlights with LED streetlights


Long term initiative

Replace additional 370 existing HPS streetlights as funding becomes available



Five streetlight pilot project in Omaha, NE testing Leotek FX series luminaire. Testing and evaluation conducted by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD)


Funding sources

Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant and City of Blair matching funds (20% of EECBG amount)


Funding received



Energy use reduction

59% less energy used by LED streetlights when compared to existing fixtures


Total energy cost savings

$18,206 per year


CO2 reduction

50% lower emission compared to HPS


Total number of streetlights

955 (770 owned by OPPD, 185 owned by Nebraska Department of Roads)



Expected September 2010