Boise, Idaho, USA




Current Initiative

Install 70 antique-style LED streetlights and streetlight poles in urban renewal area


Previous  Initiative

Install 80 decorative LED streetlights as part of city’s streetscape project


Previous Initiative

Install about 51 new LED historic post top streetlights downtown business area


Previous Pilot

City has installed about 1,200 historic post top streetlights in urban renewal area of city. The city has also installed 551 shoebox-style LED streetlight fixtures and 551 cobrahead LED streetlight fixtures in other parts of the city.


Fixtures installed

Holophane and Cooper Lighting


Long term goals

City proposes to switch all streetlighting to LEDs, and have LED streetlights be standard for new developments and subdivisions. Working with Ada County to adopt LED streetlights for county roadways


Energy savings

Between 1/3 and 2/3 reduced energy consumption compared to existing streetlights


Energy supplier

Idaho Power Company


Total number of streetlights




Bid documents available here.