North Bay, Ontario, Canada




Current initiative

Install up to 300 decorative LED streetlights. First phase includes 80 fixtures. Next phases to be implemented over three to five years. Fixtures specified for this initiative are Philips Lumec and Lumca, Inc.


Previous initiative

Install approximately 5,567 new LED streetlights to replace existing HPS streetlights


Previous pilot

City tested over 30 streetlight fixtures including LED and induction. Selected Philips Lumec as cobrahead fixture


Energy savings

Anticipate up to 40% – 55% reduction in energy consumption based on pilot study


Energy cost savings

Expect to save over CDN$200,000


Funding sources

City of North Bay


Total number of streetlights

~5,600 owned by city of North Bay


Energy Provider

North Bay Hydro



General information available here.