Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada





Install 9 ornamental LED streetlight fixtures on Shaughnessy Avenue,  manufactured by LED Roadway. Additional 60 LED streetlight fixtures will be installed on Broadway Street. Adaptive control system from Streetlight Intelligence.


Project location

Shaughnessy Street and Broadway Street (downtown area)


Long term initiative

In funding becomes available and incentives from B.C. Hydro are available, long term goal is to replace all city-owned ornamental streetlights


Project energy savings

50% reduction in energy consumption Additional 35% savings from adaptive controls (dimming)


Funding sources

Local funds & B.C. Hydro


Project completion – pilot

December 2010


Total streetlighting budget



Total number of streetlights

2,763 city-owned

780 leased from B.C. Hydro