Seattle, Washington, USA




Current Initiative

Replace 1,500 existing HID streetlights with LED streetlight luminaires


Fixtures to be used in installation

Cree Lighting or Leotek Electronics


Previous Initiative

EECBG funds have been allocated to replace 5,000 existing residential streetlights with LED streetlights. Matching funds are provided by Seattle city funds.Latest initiative (early 2011) focuses on qualifying new vendors for 10,000 fixture installation planned for 2011.


Long term initiative

Replace remaining 35,000 residential streetlights with LED streetlights. Within 12-24 months begin targeting 44,000 arterial streetlights for replacement.


Funding amount for previous initiative

$1,000,000 EECBG

$1,000,000 City of Seattle


Funding sources for previous initiative

Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant and City of Seattle


Energy savings

18,165.44 MwH/annually


Invitation to Bid

Bids due August 26, 2013


Bid documentation

Available here