Sparks, Nevada, USA





EECBG funds requested to convert 114 streetlights to LED technology. Funding assumes unit price of $741.62 per light. Ultimate goal is to convert all existing streetlights in Sparks.


Funding granted

$84,544.16 from federal Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant.



Written sealed bids due by 1:45 PM on April 6, 2010.

Public notice of Bid Number: 09/10-026.


Projected cost savings

Up to 60% cost savings by switching to LED streetlights.


Projected reduction in energy consumption

139.851 kWh annually


Projected reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

101.746 tons (CO2 equivalents)


Project location

Pilot program at Vista Boulevard/Wingfield Hill Drive


Associated resources

City of Sparks Sustainability Action Plan